Passionate and determined !

Social photography is what comes most naturally to me. The interactions and relationships between people are what most interests me, over and above even the pleasure of taking pictures.

Frequently ask questions

Where do you work ?

I live in Nantes (western France), but I can go… wherever you need me ! There will be no accommodation fees if your wedding take place in my area (Pays de la Loire).

When will we have our couple portraits ?

From my point of view, putting your wedding outfits back on several days after the event has no real sense. We therefore shoot your couple portraits exclusively on the wedding day itself !
We choose the most opportune moment during the day to find a quiet time to slip away for these photos, and this will depend on the importance you accord these pictures, as well as factors such as the weather and the timetable of the wedding. No need to be worried about feeling awkward during this portrait shoot, trust me to make you feel at ease in front of the camera ! It’s one of the rare moments during the day where you will enjoy being just the two of you together, and appreciate being away from the noise and crowd of the reception. Finally and most importantly, nothing will be statically posed as I aim to capture above all else a sense of natural spontaneity.

What about group pictures and portraits ?

Family photographs are important. Maybe not top of your list, but nonetheless significant for those close to you. We plan together an appropriate moment to have these groups photographed, so that they don’t take up too much time of your day.

About portraits, I will ask you to send me 2 weeks before the wedding, a list, with accompanying photos of those most important to you, that I then learn off by heart. This way, on the wedding day, your family and close friends are already familiar to me ; and I can therefore more easily focus my attention and photographic eye on them. This approach of trust and intimacy is at the very core of my working style.

When will we receive our photos and how ?

Within a period of two to six weeks following your wedding, you will firstly receive your pictures in the form of private internet galleries on my website.

The reportage photographs and the studio photobooth pictures are presented separately and in two complementary ways : a highlights slideshow set to a music of your choice, and a gallery allowing the images to be viewed one by one.
These galleries remain online for a period of 6 months.

Subsequently, you will receive your images on a USB key.

What can we do with the photos ?

Everything (except sell them for commercial gain) !

The USB key contain two folders :
a folder named HD for the high-res files, and a WEB folder, in which the images have been specially prepared for internet. You are free to share and publish the pictures as you wish as long as you respect the function of these two distinct folders.

Directly via your web gallery, you have the possibility of ordering prints, albums and thank you cards.
You can of course do these yourselves, using the HD folder on your USB key.

So why order via the web gallery ?

It is the way of ensuring the best print quality, and an output that will give you the most faithful representation of your digital image ! The choice of papers, along with the inks used, are of optimal professional quality, made to create prints that will last over time. In sourcing the printing yourselves, you have no guarantee over the quality of the final product. You are more than likely to be disappointed :
with your whites and blacks having unfortunate blue/green colour casts, and your prints turning out too light or too dark.

Do you provide albums ?

There is no better way of presenting your wedding souvenirs than in the form of an album ! Crafted by hand in Portugal, I propose two types of album : Photo paper or Fine Art paper. The large format albums designed for the couple can be reproduced in smaller size for the families.

How can we make a reservation for our wedding ?

It’s absolutely necessary that we meet each other, and that you see at least an entire recent wedding work. After that, if you want to book a date, you’ll have to pay a 30% deposit.